Faith Promise Sunday

October 16, 2017

Pastor Keith brings a message on Faith Promises with the encouragement that al we have is from God and it is all for God.


Melissa Ohden

October 9, 2017

Melissa shares her testimony of God's saving grace in her life as a survivor of a saline solution abortion.


Rob Hoskins of One Hope

October 2, 2017

Rob Hoskins, President of One Hope, shares with us what the Lord is doing througth their ministry around the globe.


Beyond Borders

September 25, 2017

Pastor Pat Rusch opens Missions Month with a message on looking beyond your borders.


The Seven: Final Message

September 18, 2017

Pastor Keith concludes his series The Seven with a message on hearing what the Spirit says to the churches.


The Seven: Laodicea

September 11, 2017

Pastor Keith brings us a message on humility as he continues his series titled The Seven.


Your Faith is Showing

September 5, 2017

Pastor Karl Sorget reminds us that Faith is spelled Trust in this message titled Your Faith is Showing.


The Seven: Philadelphia

August 28, 2017

Pastor Keith continues his series on What Jesus Would Say to You with a message on the church in Philadelphia.


The Seven: Sardis

August 21, 2017

Pastor Keith continues his series from Revelation on what Jesus has to say to you with a message on the Church in Sardis.


Do You Know the Shepherd

August 14, 2017

Pastor Joel Stocker brings us a message from the 23rd Psalm on knowing the Shepherd.