Count Me In Luke 7:27-30

July 16, 2018

Pastor Keith preachs about how important water baptism is for us as believers in Christ. 


Disappointment Proverbs 23:17-18

July 10, 2018

Pastor Joel brings the word. "Out of the disappointment of a NO comes the YES for a better situation."


Real Life - James 1:13-18

July 2, 2018

Our Real Life series continues with Pastor Keiths message on temptation. "Will you choose the bait or choose God?"


Real Life- James 1:5-8

June 25, 2018

Our Real Life series from Pastor Keith continues with a message about God's Wisdom for our lives.


Real Life - James 1:2-4

June 18, 2018

Are you going through a Trial? God's plan is to use this difficulty to bring growth in your life!


Real Life - James 1:1

June 3, 2018

Our summer 2018 series, Real Life, kicks off with a message from James 1:1!


Words of Life

May 30, 2018

Pastor Keith gives a message on the Words of Life we recieve from God and how that should work in the body of believers.


The Balancing Act

May 14, 2018

Lacei Grabill brought a message on Mother's Day 2018 about the balancing act of life and being centered in Christ.


i am a LEADER: Serve

May 7, 2018

Pastor Keith continues the mini-series on leadership by speaking on servanthood.


i am a LEADER: Voices

April 30, 2018

Pastor Keith starts a new series titled "i am a LEADER". Week one is about the voices in our life.