Accelerate: Experience

January 15, 2018

Pastor Keith continues his series on Accelerate with at message on being people of action and abiding.


Accelerate: Honor

January 8, 2018

Pastor Keith starts off the year with a message on the true meaning of the Gospel.


Why Do You Stand Gazing?

January 2, 2018

Dean Grabill brings us a message for the New Year.


Christmas Eve: Good News

December 27, 2017

The (Pre) Christmas Story

December 18, 2017

Pastor Keith brings us a message from Isaiah chapter 9.


Come Together: Unity

December 4, 2017

Pastor Keith Grabill brings the final message in this series from Philippians chapter 4.


Thanksgiving Eve 2017: God is Good

November 29, 2017

Pastor Keith Grabill brings us a message on God's faithfulness throughout the year.


Come Together: Parenting

November 27, 2017

Pastor Keith Grabill continues his series titled Come Together with a message for parents to lead their childrend with  the end in mind.


Come Together: Marriage

November 20, 2017

Pastor Keith starts his series titled "Come Together" with a message on marriage out of the book of Matthew.


The Storm Stopper

November 13, 2017

Pastor Joel Stocker brings a message to encourage us during the storms of life.